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Dust To Dust

This song is by Prime Minister Pete Nice.

Dust, dust on my shoes
Heed the word as I kick the blues
Bring it on, bring it on, yo, I never lose
But the dust broke quick like a short fuse
I ain't got no money in pockets
But my taxes are payin' for rockets
Some say, "Return to a dustbowl"
But the devil say, "Sacrifice a poor soul"
Now you're pullin out cards, times is hard
Hops ain't got a job, only cheap shots
Big shots pimpin' the pay checks
What comes next? (Strictly snappin necks)
Quick, roll the dice, what's your move?
Games of chance, smoke rocks, or booze
Booze your mind with the Minister
Dust to dust, life is sinister

(Ashes to ashes, dirt to dirt) --> Ice Cube (Repeat 8x)

Ring around, ring around a pocket full of po's
Pimp on the corner got a lotta, lotta hoes
Ashes to ashes, they all fall down
A needle in a arm and a frown
Down on your luck, got stuck on a scumble
Dust to dust keeps the mortals humble
Takin' out heads on a platter
The Dadda Rich beats is much fatter
Got trouble in New York City
With a capital T down to the nitty-gritty
Sexy what a pity what a pity, inner city what a pity
But I sweep and dust off the city
Get with the goose that's good for the gander
Cheap is talk, cheap talk equals slander
Slam a little hardship, bring it to the masses
Movin asses doc bumps classes
Fill it to the rim, slim-dim while I swing
Off the ill rim pullin on my skin
Ready, set, get a spliff lit
Cause some on some hold-your-dick shit
Dust in the wind, it goes up
So come on down as I blows up
Up and down, Daddy Rich bring the cuts
The Minister bringin' on the ducks

(Ashes to ashes, dirt to dirt) --> Ice Cube (Repeat 8x)

Nature holds it, mother scolds it
Forces beyond control, they hold it
Like your microphone is amped up
Stamp on a lyric, get licked and sent up
Up the river, the Indian giver
Give a little, take a little, yo, I get rid of
Two-faced schemers on a genocide
The five-o rolls on the wrong side
I take a jeep or stand wax his ass
Definin the meanin' of white trash
??? Blowin' in the steam
Destruction of a Dr.'s dream
Scheme on another, yo, not this brother
And get dusted with the hectic drummer
Step, step off while you sleep like rust
Droppin' jewels on the DUST TO DUST

(Ashes to ashes, dirt to dirt) --> Ice Cube (Repeat 8x)

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