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​Flossin' Up

This song is by Prime Minister and appears on the album Prime Time (1999).

(Prime Minister: Talkin')
Prime Minister, and we gon do this
For the 9 8
Well the Prime is Heaven sent
The myth is eralavant
And it be Prime droppin' dimes
On the spirits that Hell's sent
Raised as a G, I was paid as a G
Over whelmed in sin, and was saved as a G
In 93 got on the scene so we souls for life
Matter a fact we chose the life, that's why we souljahs right
And we be steppin packin weapons and we livin' for Christ
In my mind, flesh and time, what is it gon be like to fight
Where I've been, keep me ready LORD
Its time to do, everything that Prime would do
To stay in line wit you
They say it's a cruel world, nigga I ain't scared
I'm holdin' on to the promise, all the blood was shed
I'm sick and tired of these games, how they play me for money
Only use me and abuse me, makin' jokes like its funny
You silly nigga what's up, 'cause I can't stand this rain
Of course I'm gon floss it up and I'm gon ease the pain

Kid what up, we be floss it up
Brothers like Prime Minister, floss it up
Brothers through the Mid West, we be floss it up
And we's bout to drop flesh, we be tossin up
Brothers in the South, we been flossin up
Brothers in the East, we be flossin up
Brothers in the North, we be flossin up
And you can tell by these Z, we be tossin up

(Prime Minister)
My mind be stable when I'm able momma I'm meant to receive
To drop evangalistic for commission to plant some seeds
And holla glory as I do it, glory echos the hall
Turn up the bass a couple notches I'm vibratin the walls
Wake up the dead bring 'em back, that's what I'm called to do
Rivitalize, open their eyes, that's what I'm called to do
They say they hate me, they wanna take me, get the hell out my face
Cause it was God who sent His son, who went and died in my place
'Cause I don't think I can take those kinda of flames they got
And I don't think I can stand up to a flame so hot
I'm prayin' LORD help me homies, help them see in the grass
And set 'em free, don't want to see another G in his casket
Basket ball player bustin' caps look at how many tricks
That it takes to come wit you, after fun little nigga
If you were smart you would of listen to your family and friends
'Cause they told you your life was about to end

(Prime Minister)
I feel highly educated in this game of shame
Layin hands to deliever not to flaunt my rings
And if you wanna get the word, spends some time wit you
And at the altar when He heals, stand in line wit you
'Cause I remember what it took when Jesus blessed me wit mine
So dedication lots of prayin' and I stayed in line
I thank God for His son and the spirit to be
That I signed on the line, gettin' mine from the tree
So our we sold out, MAJOR, its weed to blame
Why'd you turn your back in God and stop believin man
Why'd did the government put a grasp on the way we think
They got you brothers on route to get our mothers on link
They got our sisters givin' birth to a fatherless child
I don't know, can't grow, its crimpin my style
And all this while Ima shed this tear
Release this problem to the LORD keep rebukin my fear
And all these dreams I be havin' gotta bring 'em to life
Bindin hands in the sea with my babies and wife
And you can see, that's the way we toss it up
And these brothers from the west be flossin up