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​Daddy's Lil' Boo

This song is by Prime Minister.

This goes out
To my little pride, yeah

(Verse One)
Hey you daddy's little man, look at you I love you so much
So healthy, so strong and you growin' up
I want you to know son, your the apple of my eye
Cream of the crop, spittin' image of your daddy prime
Blessed in every way and every fashion
Prime had a baby boy and now the crowd's braggin
Be glad when you came in my life
I promise to God that I'm a raise you right
In his sight
And grow you up in the way you should go
So you can never depart from, save yo soul
Even though the whole world wanna hold you back
It's kinda hard growin' up being young and black
Oh yes it is
Leave it alone
Gone, be strong and you can make it
Always be real with yourself don't fake it
And always remember that I love you too
That's why I wrote this song for you
Daddy lil boo

I wrote this song for you
And you know its true, you know its true
I wrote this song for you
Daddy's lil man, daddy's lil boo, you're my baby boo
I wrote this song for you
And you know its true
I wrote this song for you
I wrote this song for you
Daddy's lil man, daddy's lil boo

(Verse Two)
Your daddy no wall of tricks
Of the principalities you gonna be fighting with
Rule one remember that Devil gonna hate you
Rule two money and fame will try to overtake you
Rule three it's the simplest G
If you step up in the industry, you gotta keep it ministry
Number four it's the women with the dibs
Pray and ask god to direct you through the right ribs
Rule five it's the best of all
Make it a point to stay away from the drugs and the alcohol
Renew your mind daily, ya heard
Always start your day when you pray, reading God's word
And that's a man, be a man lil trae
Don't never let no false prophets lead you astray
I want your mind to be focused, rooted in the truth
That's why I wrote this for you
Daddy's lil boo

(Verse Three)
I see you grown a lot, to go ur own?
Help your dad operate a 7:4 ministry
Learning all the pro's and the con's
Now boo, when I leave I'm a leave it all to you
So take care of your sisters, tell 'em how much you love em
And don't forget to show honor and respect to your mother
Now take the keys to the lexus coupe
And the 50 acre mansion I done left to you
But now you should know what to do
With all them platinum plaques
? Hats, ? suits, and the platinum tracks
You need that to continue in the ministry G
When I'm up in heaven, I ain't gonna need none of that with me
Keep the faith, till we meet up again
My best friend till the end, I'll be rootin for you then
And when you realize daddy's cheerin for you
Remember the words to this song, I wrote it all too you
Daddy's lil boo