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The Wheat And The Tares

This song is by Prima.

I'll sell my soul for a taste of
Cheap perfume and wine
But keep my conscience where my heart resides
In an empty room, dormant next to you
Head to the floor
The carpet is growing legs
And walking away
Floating through your window
Out of my body up into the stars
Where I talked with God
Who refused to let me in
Because if Judas was wrong then I'm just a sinner

Father I'm a wreck
But I couldn't care less

You're a backseat driver heading for the windshield

She said my life's like a cigarette
Burning out watch the years going up in smoke
Here we go now I'm drunk and belligerent
I'm going out so you damn best hold your tongue

I'm sorry
Run my fingers through your hair
Kiss me say your prayers
I'm sorry
Your body's all I need
Growing gardens with every seed

Now I'm reaping what I sow
Hoping that you know a way
To make all these rotten crops bare fruit
Will a flower take it's root in the cold ground?

Father I'm a wreck
So show me the way

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