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​Such Wicked Animals

This song is by Prima.

Hey brown eyes, where'd you get that dress?
Oh what a lovely floral print
That compliments the backseat of your car, oh no
And we'll blame our parents
They bred such wicked animals
Virgin tigers and we're gnawing our way out of these flesh cages

My head in the clouds
My feet miss the ground
Spinning around, I'll never come back down
Up on the cross where you hung me out
Naked and worn but I'll never come back down

You can't stop this, so get undressed
Tongue tied in a knot, oh let's be honest
You're the tree and I'm the king
We made a bed at Calvary

Tie me up a crown of thorns on the head of a savior that you flock and scorn
All I want to do, yes all I want to do is tell you that I
That I loved you

I loved you so little