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​If You Don't Like The Weather In New York (Wait A Minute)

This song is by Prima.

Nature sings a song to me, and I would be obliged to sing along
If I only knew the words
The wind screams knife-like melodies, yelling at the sky for watching me
Watching me fall
And I was only seventeen when I had my lungs ripped clean
From your stare
So I took a train to anywhere, anywhere from Emptiness New York
When we were only seventeen
I rode all night like a falling star, chasing shadows, watching afar
Holding my breathe

As time collapses
When time collapses
I'll be standing here
Holding you, my dear

I'll burn
Out like a torch in the wind
I'll burn
Deep underground in the end
All I wanted was your love, your innocence so I could believe
That I was special
So I'm coming home
Keeping my back to the cross you erect
Coming home
Turning my back 'cause it was
My time

We'll burn so bright
And we'll burn tonight
We'll burn for our