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Luv For My Thugs

This song is by Priesthood and appears on the album Keepin' It Real (2001).

(Feat. The CMC's)

I got love for my thugs, Where my thugs at?
Crazy love for my thug ones

(Verse 1: J-Raw)
I got this game on lock locc don't you play June for a joke
Y'all got me on this microphone because I make the mic smoke
And although homeboy I don't bang
I know some O.G.'s from the hood I use to hang wit
Taught me things from the hood that I now know
You become a b.g. before you turn pro
And if you know like I know when they slang dope
Bes beware for that undercover five-0
And you know you can't mess with the dress code
Cause loud colors mess around and get your head blown
That's right I'm from the west and it's like that
Paranoia keep's a cat consistently strapped
Gun shots were the last thing heard
I give you my word I seen a body lay limp on the curb
J-Raw will tell you straight, go figure
I got my pen to the pad and I'm about to pull the trigger, what
That's why I got love for my thugs
'Cause they showed me mad love when a brother was trying to come up
And that's why I'm givin' love right back
Because the love that I got you won't find in a dope sack

I got love for my thugs, Nothin' but love fo em
Crazy love for my thug ones

(Verse 2: Daddy Free)
I got love for my thugs
Down wit these ex-crips and ex-bloods
Jump in the 6 to pick up Big Giz
It's on and crackin'
Bro, Down for that action
You know, That's fa sho
CMC's back in mode
Back the flow, Slip that track in, Bro
Ooh souls, It's time to roll
Wit people I don't exactly know
We snatchin souls, We jackin folks
Be them christians who be dippin in cadillacs and spo's
Now that ya know us, Ridin' on some chrome is deep samoas
Straight rolla's, Snatch ya back down wit the stola's
We go's in takin' souls
But we be holdin' the truth so what ya see, So we roll, roll, roll
Wit God's love to all the gangstas and all thugs
Know where I came from, I know what I once was
Puttin' it down in LA California
Used to be a a'hole, But Daddy free's got love for ya

(Verse 3: Gizmo)
Influenced by crime with them blinded minds
They livin' out that lie, got to do it or die but in time they gonna ruin they lives
Livin' that thug life, grippin' yo strap, mad and uptight
Eyes open wide, ready to ride to survive or die
And with that deadly mind set, that's what thug life is
You either die or stretch, little homies don't die a wretch, no!
Fre and Gizmo, hiitin' flows to get souls
So let's roll, to get yo's, up out of that ghetto and up out of that game
Y'all comin' up the same way
Different times and days, ain't nothin' changed, it's the same game
Daddy Free and Giz, ridin' with J-Raw, Papa Semm, Swift and it's on
Priesthood and CMC's straight heated
That's what's needed, we ain't got thug love, we got the love of Jesus
Believers puttin' it down, seein' thugs freed up
Givin' up the drink, the weed, the heat and the streets up
So in the name I pray to the Father above, be a free thug
We got love

(Chorus: till fade)

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