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Yesterday's End

This song is by Pridebowl and appears on the album Yesterday's End (1998).

I can already feel the mosquitoes biting me
Crawling into bed. The roof above is red
There's no sounds outside. It's dead
Guess everybody's already in bed
Dreaming of tomorrow and walking up today

Cause tomorrow day brings yesterday's end
Shining in my eyes. The sun it sure was bright
I noticed big blue skies above the mailtruck outside
In going through the mail. Just couldn't believe my eyes

It must be a lie
Like a disguise
It must be a lie
Like Yesterday's End
Like a lying disguise
Like Yesterday's End
No, it's just not fair

Life I guess. I really care about life
Sort of a like a trolley-ride when all's together
It feels so secure, and heavy. Sort of like forever
And everybody chatting in the background in harmony
The driver rings the bell and the next stop is yours

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