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This song is by Pridebowl and appears on the album Where You Put Your Trust (1997).

I'm talkin' to you, I'm talkin' to you
Hey, I'm talkin' to all you mother fuckers
Don't turn your heads, don't turn your backs
I've got the say so and you've got setbacks so let's go
So, tell me how freedom goes, open up take off your clothes
That's it, I'm talkin' to you
Talk to me, I'll see you eye to eye
Mouth off to me, I'll give you a choice
Yeah, get rough, now's the time
Life is once, don't let it pass you by
If you wanna' speak do it now of forever hold your fucking peace
And if you wanna' fly, just sit tight and stand right next to me
A choice is all you need (Alternatives)
A voice is all you need (Opinions)
A choice is all we need

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