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This song is by Pridebowl and appears on the album Where You Put Your Trust (1997).

The master of all time, work of intelligent minds
Treasure the lies, worship, demise
And liberty's a statue too old to remember
Where wealth and greed has taken over
And all that remains is a lonely society
A silhouette stain
There I was, feeling like a million bucks not knowing I was stuck
Standing in my shadow on the wall, all alone
And there I was, feeling like a million bucks
The pledge of allegiance rang a bell deep inside my sleepy head
That said you're dead
In my feeble attempt to rule the world
I realized it was just a dream that took control
And now I'm lost
(I pledge allegiance to the flag, for which corruption stands
One nation under Fraud
Indivisible, with corruption and corruption for all)

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