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This song is by Pridebowl and appears on the album Where You Put Your Trust (1997).

You thought you'd think of a way to escape the realm of curiosity.
You thought you'd mingle your way into the unknowns of society
But you know, they'll get you every time, any which direction you seek
'Cause the answer is out there, it's a game only they know how to play
Stand up, you might fall, play with fire, you'll get burned
And when you think of the possibilities, you'll wind up getting hurt
It'll get you every time (so you'd better be prepared to die)
You thought you'd scare them away by claiming that you knew it all along
You tried to act out a play, they just laughed when they saw you fall
But you knew they'd lose in the long run 'cause every day the players grow weak
And the answer my friend, is bound to come out
So you're better off not tryin' to figure it out

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