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This song is by Pridebowl and appears on the album Where You Put Your Trust (1997).

Some things were meant to be, like an apple on a tree
A grape on a vine, everything but you and I
Some things were meant to share, like bird and his nest
A view by the sea, a life as a pair, but not between you and me
A knot could never be broken, spoken between you and I
Rules were meant to be...
In every way
Like a book with no pages
I can not read
All over the place
Can't you see
Like a cup filled with rage
(Now looking back, realize I am the grape and the vine)
Some things were meant to be, me, alone by the sea
I'd share it with you if I were me
Take heed I would at a poisonous apple
Because you and me were not meant to be...

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