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Ambitious Ways

This song is by Pridebowl and appears on the album Yesterday's End (1998).

Ambitious ways ste the stage
Your ambitious ways put me in a daze
Never giving up never putting up
Never walk away, your well-mannered way
A smoke filled room never turns you down
Your head held hild as you touch the sky
Honor compels you respect you have earned
But when someone puts you down it's something you have

A one man band

Controlling conversation with your inspiration
The one and only figure with so much devastation
You earn your way through as though you've nothing to do
With the scandalous acts you do proudly contribute
You have no way out, 'cause there's no way in
It's a one man band, a one man show

A one man band

(Repeat first half verse)

Never walk away your well-mandered way

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