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Affirmative Action

This song is by Pridebowl and appears on the album Yesterday's End (1998).

Gangsters you are
And gangsters you'll be
But when you're apart
You are and have nothing
Push, shove and kick
You think you're tough
But when the gun clicks
You'll wish you had enough

There's no way out

Like a baby needs it's mother
You cry for help
Callin' for some other
Callin' for your brother
Wandering streets late at night
Out lookin' just to fight
You walk like a pack of wolves
Pounding at first sight

There's no way out

If you only knew
How silly you looked
When I put you in the chair
And watch the cook
So wipe that stupid grin
And straighten up
Don't fight to win
Or you'll get fucked up

There's no way out

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