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Torn & Tattered

This song is by Pride & Glory.

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Take a listen child, if you can
Gonna tell you a story now about a broken man
He done built his walls, in time they all caved in
He done lost what he loved, son
Done killed him in the end...

Lord, I'll take it here to heaven
Feelin' like you don't belong
Lord if life was music, yours would be,
One torn and tattered song, oh yeah

A whole lot of hurtin' child, a whole lot of pain
If you could do it all over, son
Tell me, would it end the same?
A never ending feeling, forever sinkin' low
I lost the light in your tunnel, child
You lost which way to go...

[Chorus] ...Oh, yeah now
...One torn and tattered song, hey, yeah now
...Lord, one torn and tattered song now
...Lord, one torn and tattered song

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