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This song is by Prick and appears on the album Prick (1995).

Panic in her mind just hit
Like an actress on the screen.
Caught in certain kinds of things
Make your personality scream.
Tied to lies and alibis,
She bends to pick up the words.
I'm a little tired of the up and down
Of the common race,
But what if we pray tonight?

Hollow is the crowd tonight,
Feathered and unreal.
Followers of sheep in flight
Or fancies in the field.
Suckers they have always been,
Suckers they remain.

Time is flowing red.
What's it like?

But you never know,
Is she high or low?
You gotta be brave tonight.

Panic in her mind again,
She can't deal the real.
Teacher smacks the good book
Unto her head, says God is fear.

What's it like?

Accidents won't happen
If you never leave your home.
Keep that soul like a thoroughbred,
The first one will let it roam.
Your mind will snap, it can't be held back.
Imagination's a mother.

Time is flowing red.
What's it like?

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