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This song is by Prezioso Feat. Marvin and appears on the album Back To Life (2000).

Oh come around away with me
See coloured worlds and fantasy
So lost in love well have some fun
When flying off reality

Now all the words you're whispering
Are going through eternity
So if you want to stay with me
Believe is what you need to feel

Baby bring me to you
And now when this dreams come true

I hear voices es es (3x repeat)

The loudness of the voice is clear
Real nature of our destiny
Will bring us to the highest place
So you can always find me there

And all the things you lost inside
Will come and keep you still alive
So baby please believe in me
Cause faith is what you need to see

I've gotta be close to you
And now when this dreams come true

I hear voices (3x repeat)

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