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This song is by Pretentious Flamedogs.

Here I sit I'm gonna get an education
They tell me it'll straighten out the nation
I don't see their point but I go to class
Stare at the girl in the front row's ass
They tell me it'll pay in the end
I'll get a good job and my brain will mend
But I still don't see their point
I'd rather have some fun, rather rip up this joint

Is it education or just a scam
Maintains the order so no one gives a damn
But are we happy with the world we got
Money's comin' in so who gives a damn

They say you'd better face up to the facts
Commies on the move, 'cause we been so lax
They won't stop till we all live in trees
That's OK cause life in the jungle is a breeze
They don't argue with reality
But it never really seemed so real to me

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