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Line It Up

This song is by Preston School Of Industry and appears on the album Monsoon (2004).

Chasing some crazy eight
Red red carpet blue blue market
Oh yeah we got clout

Line it up in a box this end
And you've got to become those same
I believe I'm not the same
Somebody knows it's true
That's a mechanical kind of feeling
The jackets the seams
Oh yeah what's that red light chrome cans zero percent

Lining up in a box this end of town
It's not your money your stock is down
Luck is always all you need
Look into the common mind
The common mind has no compromise
And I'm not feeling right a nasty phase
Lock onto your heart and soul
Look into the common goal
The change of scene has made it real
Time has kissed it with the seal
But the feelings they grow and they indicate snow and the falling rain will stay there
It will stay there lined up in a box
And do you know the radio comes in shiny nickel
What do you want from me
You cry cry but you try try but you die die

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