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​Funkee Joint

This song is by Pressure Drop and appears on the album Tread (2000).

The I the N the T the R the O, the intro
The F the you the N the K, the flow here we go
The F is for the firing that you are requiring
N is for thenasty K coming lastly, who I be?
Skibadee, rolling with the PD
You know me, the pressure drop we keep it, Funkee!
Ultra funkified when we ride on the bright side
On the right side make you roll with the real vibe
Set yourself on fire, require funk supplier
To get higher you gotta dance on the fire
It's ludicrous fire, we're relatively kinda new to this
Busting therpessure, your MC could never boo to this
True to this, we're hitting hard on your consumer list
The pressure drop's the funkiest, Funkee! Funkee funkee funkee funkee joint
Nastee, I MC of Jurassiclee in massacre city
And to higher equal vibe like P Didee
We're blasting ever lasting if yer asking
The pressure keeps ya dancing, now we're laughing
Hoo hoo ha funk danger, the flavour
For the raver nothing save ya or fader
Say a prayer on a star for you know who you are
You're digging deep for the pressure, Funkee!
I supply your vibe, no one to ride
You're inside outside you're rocking worldwider
On the one and the two
Only imrove for my crew
Original funkee boogaloo
The solution, confusion, in your mind
Transfusion banging bass beat in ya spine
Hitting more G than yoru average Jackanory story
Skibadee down with the Funkee!
Ecstatic I've gotta have it, my rapature
Hitting them with more raw
Than you bargained for on the dancefloor!
Funkee funkee funkee funkee joint
The versatile crocodile thestyle with the fnk child
Meanwhile you know I'll get wild with the funk file
On the radio dial hit them with the profile
Live and volatile
Never endeavour funk weather
However, thereafter, whole heap of laughter
Down with the dancemaster
Funkblaster, ever the night times comes, we get, Funkee!