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This song is by Prema and appears on the album Pebble (2003).

Education and all we've worked for. Philosophy and science, it's
All insecure. Ignorantly working for material gain. Surrender
Yourself now, from this cycle of pain. We try to explain this
Manifestation but what we need is some self-realization. We
Accept illusion, along with false idenity. But only to complicate
Our path to true destiny. Self created duties preoccupy our minds.
Working for things disposable through time. We're trying to find
Perfect happiness but we're to conditioned to look beyond this so
Called bliss. If we truly seek with devotion and sincerity, his
Presence will be revealed with spiritual ecstacy. We accept illusion,
Along with false idenity. But only to complicate our path to true
Destiny. Govinda. Sri Radha Govinda Preme Sada Jena Bhasi.
Krishna Prema

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