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Veil Of Comfort

This song is by Preacher Gone to Texas.

Interpretive means by which we can find
This instinct lacks mobility
The veil that covers my face, the promise giving insight
Alludes our memory
The promise, the veil, our memory
Forged into a stance, complete strength, complete strength
Undefine, what makes us will kill us
The promise giving insight, insight, insight
The memories and confines within our reach
Yet out of our hands, out of our hands
Yet within our reach
We arrive in a realization, this idea can be ever changing
There is no tie to bind our ideals to tradition
One motion forward, one accomplishment made, one way to say the past is inside, something we cannot hide, its part of what we are
The past is behind, the future includes, extended hand
Extended to you
The past, the future, extended to you we arrive in a realization
Uncover my face, undefine my voice
My face, my voice

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