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​Little Angel, Little Monkey

This song is by Pram and appears on the album Helium (1994).

Where are you going?
Come back here I'm helpless without you
I wave my tiny limbs in useless gestures
I need you I am dependent
And when you leave me terror darkens
My mind like crows wings
I can't even form words to tell you
How I need you and how I resent
It that I need you so

I run towards light
Maybe the glow of people
Something warm and enticing
My heaven is other people

Sometimes I would like it if
Everyone did the same thing
I could get a grasp gain control over events
I would bite you but
What would hurt you once would hurt my twice
I have a dark force in my head
Could be used to smooth things over
But wood is full of splinters
And people are nevr doing quite what
You want them to