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No Regrets

This song is by Practical Observations.

I'm sorry if I hurt you
Sorry if I made you cry

Things so deep I would not lie
For you not to hurt I'd give my life

Keys of wisdom make us think
Of better ways while on the Brink

For you and elders utmost respect
I'm just a kid you can correct

Philosophy in a surreal vault
Chaos reigns its no one's fault

Danger I do bring on myself
To help the good that has the wealth

All the time I make you think
My life and limb on the brink

Forgive me if I get too crass
But this whole worlds a pain in the ***.

Ancients knew this philosophy
Lost in time, not new to me

Passing on the greatest wealth
Please take it upon yourself

Patriot with philosophy
Cool description of you and me

So you may have took a slam
Wake up call is what I am.

Living in a dying nation
Now's not the time to take vacation

And if you get your feelings hurt
Heal real quick for what its worth

So know that I will have the guts
To call the kettle black and kick a butt

But please don't take it personally
'Cause I'm just like you and you're like me

So keep on praying for heaven's sake
Because there's so much that is at stake

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