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This song is by Poxy Music and appears on the album 20 Big No. 2's (1984) by The HeeBeeGeeBees.

White tux and black bowtie yes in evening dress I'm quite the guy
Trousers with razor crease and hair dabbed down with axle grease

I'm the oldest new romantic on the social scene
I hit the nightclubs with a beauty queen
And dancelot

Woke up with Annabel Henrietta's daddy gave me hell
Soon tired of Sarah Jane Maryanne was fat Virginia plain

I'm the oldest new romantic to the upper crust
All my songs describe how I once lost
A gal I had

Life reminds me of Camelot
'Cause in my night club a round table's what I got

My eyes are kept half closed how I stay awake god only knows
But if I sleep I always know I'll get woken by the saxophone

I'm the oldest new romantic an aristocrat
When you hear this song you'll notice that
It's note for note
Like the last one I wrote

Whoa whoa oh
It reminds me of a song I wrote
Oh It reminds me of another song I wrote
Oh it reminds me of a tune composed by me
Oh it reminds me of...

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