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Long May The Burlap Wave

This song is by Poxy Boggards and appears on the album Bawdy Parts - Original and Traditional Songs of Drinking and Revelry (1996).

Long may the burlap waive
It protects us again from the sun and the rain

The road into heaven is paved
With burlap both course and fine

We cover our heads and linen our beds
Much stronger than lace and much softer than twine

Majestic and proud, it doth dance in the air
Our great savior burlap, that n'er leaves us bare

With colors both bold and pure
It blocks out the sun when it is well hung, and none can escape it's lure

For men sail across the seas
They fight mighty wars, sell their daughters for whores to be under it's cover like me

Majestic and proud, our burlap doth waive
And when I am dead, hang out an old sack cloth upon my poor grave

Just fly... in the sky...
The material, Imperial!

Long may the burlap waive!
Long may the burlap waive!

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