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This song is by Power of Coming Age and appears on the album Reign Of The Fallen (2008).

(Lyrics by Urban and Motionfix)

This one right here is called "War," going out to all my warriors Warring against the dark. check it Where my gods at, we ready for war This ain't no red alert prank we warring emotional angst I don't care what they think they either freeze or they blink We shooting no no no blanks we shooting war from the heart Fighting this war for god when times are hard, time to strike Now now no hesitate we come to rect and a Devastate slay all devils with no sympathy true martyr In this war against my enemies For my rebels ready to die, we go to war For my boys battle for sight, we go to war For my people fight for rights, we go to war For my dogs hustle at night, we go to war Are you ready, are you ready to destroy anything in your path? Let's go. Warriors rise up, warriors stand up I'm sick of this bile down, my niggas a rise up I'm sick and it's fucked up, my life's in a hell hole My life is in danger, I'm warring with strangers I pray that the Lord would take my enemy Warriors

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