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This song is by Power of Coming Age and appears on the album Reign Of The Fallen (2008).

(Lyrics by Motionfix)

Martyrs for art leaves a taste through the trail of trial and error, Sacred reporters breaking borders from Hollywood, Vancouver, Baltimore to Seattle It's hard to maintain when going against the grain The rebel is so engrained as time hangs like a crane.Faith pulls everything through like a freight train. Tedious is what the cycles say Fuck institutions, got to have it my way Welcome to the land of the free Where every man is permitted to take from me Why must we practice structure to convey? If it ain't about dollars, since doesn't add up anyway Never have I learned to adapt dodging traps within traps All we have is time before we all rapped up Another old man on the bus with stories to discuss Yo this mechanic tomb is the biggest wound It's so miraculous how I was uprooted and transformed Into an adaptable plant Replaced to the ground of my physical birth There's a war in the spiritual as it is on earth. Thank God that I wasn't locked away or stretched out in a Hearse This fucking reality is too compressed to burst So I run, run, run, a rolling stone gathers no moss There's no way that I can just lay and play into this Holocaust. My peoples lost from Timbuktu all the way to Peru Uproot, uproot, get the fuck out Since I've been away, I've been uprooted Since I've been away I've been uprooted Why I can't see my fate I've been uprooted

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