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Power Of Now

This song is by Power of Coming Age and appears on the album Reign Of The Fallen (2008).

(Lyrics by Motionfix)

Power Positive optimistic wave energy reaction Power Proto offspring warrior elite rank The universe functions off an unseen power Age is the gradual unfolding of truth With the combination of age and power Growth becomes infinite All seen Unseen Static Life And Motionfix Throughout these Urbanstreets moss grows under the concrete Sustaining the mysteries of progression and liberation We are the watchers watching the watchers Our soul purpose is to recapture the balance and harmony With the directrix of chi power We have the power to look deep inside The power of age will come Bare witness my translucid visual My audio inner optical spiritual quest for rest No time to guess energize improvise sustained surprise A site for sore eyes cosmic conglomorant Collage the mirage, shape shift gift of life cycles and wheel functions High range frequency suppression My voice is a weapon, organic, organized mechanism My brain vibrates for the power to will So breathe and give breath, let it live, breathe, Just give breath, let it live breath inside breathe outside Breathe, let it live, just breathe come on! Power of Coming Age, Power of Coming Age Power to will, power to create Power to unfold, power of soul power

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