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This song is by Power of Coming Age and appears on the album Reign Of The Fallen (2008).

(Lyrics by Motionfix)

Demons discombobulate when I try to concentrate. Where's the good fruit we all wish to eat In this cycle we turn psycho just like Michael Trying to make since from the actions that make Mistakes are lessons for those who learn and understanding Are for those who demands truth You are now witnessing a technical difficulty In the broadspan broadcast the masses have been controlled By subtle frequencies we are using techniques to disable The block which has been controlled by the illuminated ones BROADCAST. It's now time to take heed to the final call Come on everybody we need you all to make this fucking Wall fall for those who wish to remain in illusion Sorry to say but that's not the way No I'm not coming as a panther, Rasta, Muslim, Buddhist, or Christian, Just a man Who wants to be living It ain't all about money yo because when the money goes Where will soul follow this world is a test not a place for rest Are you strong enough to live in Heaven or would you rather take The easy road down and run in circles forever no more time for ignorance It's time to be clever and how many times must MC's say See the light and so on

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