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Years Of Perfection

This song is by Power Crue and appears on the album Wreck The Eternal Tyranny (2011).

Fatherhood of god, brotherhood of man
Searching for a better life's way
Plans that we propose must you obey
Voluntary world, society of free will
Intractable and godless communism
All under one. the only way of being
End of humanism, end of liberty

Power crew behind, closed doors decides
Democracy secretly controlled
The silence law we must abide to
We plan events which, later just happen
Secretly we're owners of the world
Corrupted politicians industry
End of national, sovereignty

You are a worthless worm - chase away
A creative shock - every day
I'm predator, hunter - shut away
Nothing but your god - you obey
You obey, you obey

I have the whip - double play
You are helpless now - bird of prey
Wired to my world - U.S.A.
Million years of terror - overstay

Years of perfection gone away

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