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Swollen Tongue

This song is by Powderfinger.

There's poison on my fingers
I've got healers for my eyes
My insight thaws
You should be safe to try it

I've got bricks for shoes
And a swollen tongue
An eagle to ignore
A pregnant pause
You should be safe to buy in

Only the fallen can rise
You only need a past to be deprived
They crumble and determine
And speak in words unkind
A bail out clause

I don't have the means to try it
So, fear will keep the [unverified] who lie
That leaves me walking blind
Like open sores
The dogs will be there to try it

Only the swollen divide
You only need to ask to be denied
You should be safe to buy in


Written by:

Jonathan Robert Coghill; John Andrew Collins; Bernard Joseph Fanning; Ian David Haug; Darren Stuart Middleton

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