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Live In The Light

This song is by Poverty's No Crime and appears on the album Slave To The Mind (1998).

Now that we've found a way to relieve
From the pain - we just close our eyes
There's no hate there's no black and white
So proud that everything is under control

Let me take you down to the place
Where you would rather like to see somebody else
How can we leave them with chains around
War is not a game on TV, it's a game of misery

Some people have to live in the darkness
'Cause some people like to live in the light
Some don't know how they can survive any longer
But you say it's just the way that it goes
It's not fair to say the chances we offer
Are quite enough to ease the pain in the world

You look away while some children die
And think of hunger in the world to be a lie
We feel so safe in that harmony
But losing human solidarity
Yes we feel okay to the games we play...

Some people have to live in the darkness
'Cause some rather like to live in the light
Should they look forward to the end of a nightmare
To the moment when we turn up the light?
Reach out your hands for tomorrow
Reach out for every light in your life
Well can't you see that they can't wait any longer
The time is right to help them into the light

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