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Electronic Eyes

This song is by Poverty's No Crime and appears on the album Slave To The Mind (1998).

What is the answer to my hopes and dreams?
The speed of the progress changes day by day
We're looking around to find that certain line
But never seem to understand

Thousands of miles on just a single day
We're starting ahead to walk the milky way tonight
There's nothing to win and nothing to find new
Only the mind is still left to know

You will understand when you realize
We help to make an enemy
Can't you see the line into I should fall
And disappear?
With electronic eyes
Could we ever find the answer to it all?

You can see by scanning things at night
You can move controlled while you think twice
But can you feel in a way of humanity?
When your hypnotic eyes decide to make it real

Still in memory the danger of minority
Can't you see the line into I should fall
And disappear?
You're beside your mind in a mission without aim
There's no need to feel anymore
Can't you see my eyes
Electronic eyes - I can read your mind
Do we really need the answer to it all?
Electronic eyes see all
But they will never read between the lines

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