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Henry And Mabel

This song is by Pothead.

From the moment it's calling you see that I'm falling
The last thing I remember is floating away in a dream
Where Henry and Mabel have set the table for me
Well they ain't religious so we do not bother to pray
The first time I saw you I knew you forever
We went to the river like sisters and brothers
We got in a boot to...
We took that boot to the other side
That's when Henry started to speak
He says that time is the notion, our blood is the ocean, he says
And all our great stories are only for the glory of men
And as time is unfolding we're still so far from the 'truth
He says, "It ain't superstition and not a religion"
The first time I saw you I knew you forever
Without hesitation we were together
Surrendered our hearts to
Have it all, have it all
'Cause everyone's life is sand in the wind
'Cause everyone's life has a hole in the middle of it
And no one really wants to know it, or to say it, or to feel it
She looked at her city her gold streets stood empty
She took it for granted that she really needs him
He left for forever
In the middle of the night the church bell is ringing
The wretch on the floor, he's quietly crying
And calls out her name

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