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Gateway To The Starlight Kingdom

This song is by Potentiam and appears on the album Orka Í Myrkri (2004).

I hear no sound, the voices around
My eyes can still see, but nothing I feel
Floating in the tunnels of myself

Time has no boundaries
Outside this blindning cage
Memories of past and future
All have their precence

My body is driven by it's subconsious
My heart is still beating, a natures machine
Pounding blood through it's veins
While I'm searching for worlds unseen

And then like in a painful birth
Like so many time before
The cold world,
Kills my starlight kingdom

I went as far as to another world
I went so deep, that hit the surface
A damned journey
A circle of deception
I don't expect you to go my way
Beneath the sun you wait and prey

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