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New Boyfriend

This song is by Poster Children and appears on the album Junior Citizen (1995).

I see you and know something's changed
You're laughing and you're acting strange
I talk to you and you look bored
Like I don't know you anymore

I see you walking hand in hand
Now I know that it's the end
I don't see what you see in him
I really hate your new boyfriend

He doesn't seem to be your type
Perfect hair and so polite
Does he give you what you need?
Does he measure up to me?

Lying on the bed with him
Going places that we've been
That's a thought that I can't stand
I really hate your new boyfriend

Did you miss me when I left?
Am I that easy to forget?
Now you're just a photograph
How can I get you back?

He always smiles and shakes my hand
Like he's won a hundred grand
Is this love or just revenge?
I really hate your new boyfriend

Written by:

Howard Kantoff; James Eric Valentin; Richard Valentin; Rosanne Marshack

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