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Vodka And A Fight

This song is by Possessed By Paul James.

Watching my cover
On my faintest bed
No one beside the bed
No one to make me scared
That's just you in the mirror
That's just you with the smoking gun
That's just me on the floor
Paying for the things I've done

Go ahead, crucify the only innocent man
Go ahead and justify all the hate you have
All the hate you can't throw on to another man
Even though it's not fair
Why in the world do all the bravest men come so ill-prepared?

I get up, dust off the, the glass and the shattered bone
I find my happy place
No man, I don't!
And I see that they don't look much better than you or I

Throw me down the wishing well and you can hear, oh, the penny
All the Lincoln pennies crying
Take a good look and you will see something new outside your window
It's not the thing that you wanted it to be, but that's all right, I bet you didn't even know
Go ahead and take a look, it might be the last one you get
As for me I'm much too simple to take that, take that bet
Went down in a sleepy town, in the Florida sun
My father's on his knees
And he's praying to Christian
Lay down your arms,
Open them up so wide and kiss all the baby boys and girls
And say goodnight

Go ahead, take a good look, it might be, oh, the last one you get
'Cause everything's so damn similar, ain't nothing left in these heavens
Go ahead and say what you mean, 'cause I won't be here tomorrow
Lost up in my own mind, I gotta laugh from the sorrow

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