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The Control Freak

This song is by Portraits Of Past and appears on the album Discography (2008).

Into the retrofit past - turn the corner
The voice in my head barks its selfless orders and the nylon leash gets a little shorter and I wonder who the invisible bondsman is
Over shoulder, checking to see if anyone is watching, waiting for the struggle that won't come
Against the bonds of what I cannot do, what I cannot show, what I cannot lose
And I know that I will remain shut in, because the metal door is locked from the inside
It's just me and myself against the world
It's just a flat out refusal
And so my superiority and privilege lies dashed to pieces on the cold, stone floor, mixed with the horrific runoff from what is no longer my freedom my violence my laziness my fucked freedom mine
That freedom which so many love
The freedom I choose to pursue no more
And I see how perverse that "freedom" is
The fists and blood money stay in my hip pockets
And I show that my hands aren't inherently violent
And I realise how beautiful these Chinese handcuffs are

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