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Snicker Snicker

This song is by Portraits Of Past and appears on the album Discography (2008).

I hate to say it, but I had no idea what this would become.
Lulled to sleep. it always works that way. bullets in control.
Watch out for your uniform in control.
Watch out for those stray bullets.
Tongue tied.
Those outside define everything.
High beams - my dark side is everything.
No wonder high use of black plastic eye shields.
No one leaves the house without a kevlar skinsuit.
Let's not pretend any longer. a weapon, and open grave.
Our desire... or maybe a simple little glance.
Whose eyes are glued to your head?
And we keep saying fuck you and they keep right on looking.
But I won't say one word.
No, I won't say one fucking word.

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