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Quiet Company

This song is by Portrait and appears on the album Complete Discography (2004).

This is me breathing without you.
See how I'm doing. see how I could have been.
Then let the whispers drip softly.
Times like this I saw nothing.
Bellowing through them without thinking.
Hear you coming this way this time.
If it wasn't so dark you would never shine.
And I question the way we felt.
Grass grows gray with time. it tickles so.
And I question the way we feel
And I question what begets what.
And if I had to change one thing,
I'd have to make it everything.
When exactly did you stop believing everything was you.
I hate to see you together now,
But that's the way I wanted it to seem right to you.
Forget everything you've loved to prove
To yourself that we were done.
Throwing each other millions of miles for something not possible to anyone.

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