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Missing The Shore

This song is by Portrait and appears on the album Complete Discography (2004).

Stall to shatter me
Fill the best of hope with the grains of a slave
Why can't you slow down
Shoot through the dark with no faces
Call me to settle down
Roam through your pockets for something you thought was mine
You say things again for the last time
Say things again and again
Call, keep me
Something that was not mine to save
She said I told you to throw your life away
Now is the time you'd say anything
For the last time I will ask what you want of me
And he said it wasn't built upon anything
And he said it wasn't worth it if I made you feel this way
And he said it wasn't worth it if I made you feel like you're everything
I don't want to help this knowing how far we've gone
If it wasn't worth it I'm ready to feel for the last time
Then no one could touch me
Love is not for me
No one could save this from me anyway it's my everything
For the last time I'll ask you why

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