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All My Chances

This song is by Portrait and appears on the album Complete Discography (2004).

So this time you feed me lines
And I feel like it's a waste of time to try to forget all my chances
And everything I learned from you
And everything that brought me to you made me forget every day gets so much worse
Always on my feet, trying to stay in line and not to forget all my chances
As sudden as it sounds I'm jealous of you and trying to forget every single fucking day
What to do now
Things are so akward with us still
What are we gong to do
Too much time waiting like this and caring doesn't do me any good
Nervous and falling down
Thinking warm is one thing and getting there is another and I feel I'm so average
Yet you still hang around and I come to you face down
And when I think about you I think about nothing else
And every chance I ever gave to you
I never gave to myself
I'll take my chances now

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