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You Can't Win

This song is by Portastatic and appears on the album Slow Note From A Sinking Ship (1995).

Banners flying
Only to obscure my pathetic starring
At the gate again
I tossed the keys into the river

Lest you find the world unwilling
Can't you see how I am killing
Off the good limbs
And I'm forcing you to race three-legged

You can't win
You can't win
You can't win

Put my hand up to the boat
Took with you but not the light
I shook it off, I'm glad it's
Dark except the light behind your name

Eventually the right things
Stay with you, they are said lightly
Not burned or scratched
Into your memory

You can't win
You can't win
You can't win

Written by:

Mac McCaughan

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