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Soft Fruit

This song is by Portastatic and appears on the album Some Small History (2008).

My pale friend, how do you feel?
Are you sick from a rough ride on the backseat over the wheel?
We are just soft fruit with a thin and spotted peel
Looking from condition cases out over hard, hot fields

How're you gonna change your life?
Are you gonna shade your eyes?
From the fire in a barrel under glowing faces
Where it's always dark enough to steal

Built a house on a rock now I'm always taking stock
Tell the waiter we get off calling doctors when we cough
While we make a different world, watch the smoke while it curls
Put it down and start again, look around, where are your friends?

You better stop your crying
You better come to grips
With all the ugly privileges
That you can't give up
That you can't live with

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