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Little Fern

This song is by Portastatic and appears…

If this is really the first day of spring
What are you doing, my little goose?
You honk and you cry but you never really sing
I think it's time you took to the sky, you gotta move

If the heat of summer's here again
Why are you still here, my flowering friend?
Your beauty was cool back in May
But you are wilting on this June day

If fall is dusty and it's dry
Keep your head buried, my little fern
Well, the sparks they shower almost every night
In nervous skies I'm fearing a big burn

If winter has us buried under ice
Where will you go, my dragonfly?
I see you through the surface of the pond
Will you hover there, wait for me until the ice is gone?

Well you used to need me in every season
Honey, that's all gone
You used to need me, now you need a reason
I haven't got one
I haven't got one

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