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​Will You Be There?

This song is by Port O'Brien and appears on the album The Wind And The Swell (2007).

When all my troubles end
Whenever that may be
I will surely buy a house
You can live there with me

That way when I die
I won't die alone
I'll have you there to talk with and hold
If I come back as fire
If I come back as rain
Will you be there to catch me?
Will you put out the flame?

And I don't know
Don't have a reason why
But I believe you'll be there
To catch me in time

When my hair is gone
And my mind is weak
Will you be there?
When I can't get out of bed
Let alone go out to sea

Will you be there?
To hold my hand
Or heed my call
My love will you be there at all?