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In Vino Veritas

This song is by Port O'Brien and appears on the album The Wind And The Swell (2007).

Lost my mind and I spend my time
Down in the bottom of a bottle of wine
Left in the weather for days and days
Waiting for a plan to come and play
Well don't ya know that I sing because you make me
Can't ya tell that I cry because you take me
To a place where _______?
No, ooh
Left the cabin to Phil's fishing boat
I've been wait my whole life to go
Back to the bottles and tobacco rolls
Off the my tongue like the lies I told
Will you feel that my heart has gone to pieces
Can't we touch the way we loved to touch
No, no
No, no
Somewhere over the ole' rainbow
They wait for my eyes to close
Send me thoughts of China Town
Brand cheeked boys in the whole mart fair **??
But don't fear that I have nowhere to run to
And I can taste that my truths are bleeding lies
No, no
No, no
No, no

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