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​Fisherman's Son

This song is by Port O'Brien and appears on the album The Wind And The Swell (2007).

I'm doing fine in Alaska
I don't mind the storms
When all the wind contorts me
Let the diesel engine roar
But I don't know why I came here
Was it because I was born this way?
Or have I just learned to accept it?
Like I do every other day

Oh whatever is the cause
I will find another job
And I will stay until I'm far away
This is not what I'm here for
I was made to live indoors
And I will weather out this storm from them

But I hear it screaming loud
Over everything somehow
Saying, "Hey boy. Listen up. You're a liar."
And you are a fisherman's son
And that is what you'll become
You are a fisherman's son
That is what you'll become

I'm doing fine in the city
I don't miss the stars
And I have all my needs here with me
And I don't adventure far
And I'm doing okay for a young man
I've got a place to stay

But I don't go out come night time
No matter what my friends here say
All the while I am here
I'll have some liquor and some beer
And I'll wait for another year to come
And I will fall into the pack
With the devil on my back
And I will take another crack at this

Oh but I could never win
No, my blood is just too thin
And my eyes, all they crave is affection

'Cause I am a fisherman's son
That is what I'll become
I am a fisherman's son
That is what I'll become