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My Imagination

This song is by Porn Theatre Ushers.

The fifth principle is imagination
The imagination is literally workshop
Where in are fashioned all plans created by man
The impulse, the desire is given shape, form and action through the aid
Of the imaginitive faculty of the mind
It has been said that man can create anything he can imagine

Kids call me Abdulla, 'cause I'm the butcher
Preppin' MC's inside my pressure cooker
Throughout the underground I've been known to boast
Enough to flip sewer caps, from coast to coast
I most - enjoy leaving energy depleted
'Cause I often excel at being conceited
A brain is something that I know you need
See, I looked inside your dome, and found tumbleweed
In honor of me, the Nabo, they build chapels
For making heads bob, like teeth on apples
We all heard you hit it, missed like shootin bricks
Son, my beats are hype so I don't need a remix
Porn Theatre Ushers, we're oozing pestilence
Me plus this beat equals pure excellence
Humans hear my style and praise it, 'cause when I say it
I display it like archaic mosaics
Your total life expectancy against me
Is about three seconds
Before I beckon the weapon of my choice
Which is mostly the voice
Although my tongue is like a lasso
To knock you out easily like Glass Joe and Don Flamenco
I beat you in submission like my name was Dean Malenko

-I didn't know you were that good [x3]
-It's easy, just test me. You'll see

Up up, down down, left right, left right
B-A-B-A start select me sixty lives in check
I'll cut your ear off, and simply wear it around my neck
So even when you're dead you can still hear the intellect
I Nabo rocker mega supreme don't have to be in the sky
Just to make the stars scream
Rappers today, they're just a waste
So if the sun burns out, I'd be chosen to take its place
And shine throughout the rest of history
Just alone my gaze will cause muscular dystrophy
I often dropkick Valkyries off of balconies
And in my spare time I like to study alchemy
Removin' columns of your spinal
With volumes of my vinyl
So now you walk to my way kid that's final
Steppin' to me is like killin' an albatross
I rip your ligaments and apply them as dental floss

-I didn't know you were that good [x3]
-You are really listening aren't you? Yes!

I'll be the first to verse and curse the whole universe
I downed the Milky Way, 'cause I hungered for the thirst
After all, haven't y'all heard of me?
I'm the famed MC, who shotput mercury
The globetrotter with a flyswatter
Dramatical plain plotter who walks on water
The omen to the Roman empire
Stalkin' predators, puttin' chumps in my crossfire
I took a chance and walked through a portal
Came out the other side as hip-hop's immortal
I'm Nabo Rock, the first of my kind
And the only thing I fear is the power of my own mind
Many front as B-Boys, and act the hardest
But they can't break or name one graf artist
Your style SUCKS, claimin' you're terrific
Got dropped from your label like extra prolific
Your implements is impotent, insignificant
Couldn't battle, if in Creek in Michigan
So listen to the one applying discipline
Beause your soul lacks artistry and needs conditionin'
To walk in my path, and be my protege
One must have six heads and two vertebraes
Peace, this is my imagination

-Imagination is important here
-You can do this

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